About Us


Chris Conti grew up in Maine, has New England in his bones, and has been a commercial and advertising photographer for over ten years. Along the way he's photographed all manner of subjects, won a few awards, and most importantly, made lots and lots of happy clients. He is a proud nerd who eats, breathes, and sleeps photography and everything that goes in to making it. In his spare time he loves the outdoors, building things, and his family, including his 14-pound dachshund Oliver.

Spectacle Hill Visuals works with a diverse group of clients, from colleges and universities to Fortune 500 companies, to create powerful, engaging visuals for advertising campaigns, magazines, corporate and institutional communications, investor relations and annual reports... you name it.

If you need stunning visuals, we'd love to work with you.


Spectacle Hill Visuals is FAA licensed and insured for both traditional and unmanned aerial commercial photography.